Hadi Atanda Moshood Head Of Department Of Islamic Studies,
Kwara State College Of Education, Ilorin.


Children, whether male or female are the greatest and most beneficial blessing that Allah has favoured his servants with. It therefore behoves to see such God's favoured gift being misused, mismanaged or maltreated. Work is not necessarily bad for children, children can help their parents in the home or in the family farm or business, as long as the work is not dangerous and does not interfered with school attendance and other normal childhood activities, and this is often referred to as "light work”. Some types of work make useful, positive contributions to a child's development. Work can help children learn about responsibility and develop particular skills that will benefit them and the rest of society. Often, work is a vital source of income that helps to sustain children and their families. But the most unfortunate thing is that across the world, millions of children do extremely hazardous work in harmful conditions putting their health, education, personal, and social development, even their lives at risk. This is the area that calls for serious academic debate, particularly as the responsibility of children in Islam lies on parents, of which they would be accountable on the Day of Judgment for their children's upbringing, religious education e.t.c.

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